Boards Of Canada - ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------ mp3 flac download
Boards Of Canada - ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------

Boards Of Canada - ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------ flac mp3 download

  • Performer: Boards Of Canada
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Album: ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------
  • Released: 2013
  • Style: Ambient
  • MP3 version ZIP size: 1611 mb
  • FLAC version RAR size: 1521 mb
  • WMA version RAR size: 1536 mb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 536

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A ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------ 0:40

Companies, etc.

  • Phonographic Copyright (p)– Warp Records Limited
  • Copyright (c)– Warp Records Limited


Record Store Day 2013 promotional record, with so far only 4 copies found of 6 known to be in existence.

XXXXXX = 936557.

℗ 2013 Warp Records Limited. © 2013 Warp Records Limited.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 801061805524
  • Matrix / Runout: BD 10018 - 01 A1



Jaberini Jaberini
Hi collectors, there was a recent listing that claimed the sale of a “Reissue White Label” version of the “XXXXXX” 12” from an individual of France. Let me be blunt and say what BOC and Warp Records has been telling us. There will never, EVER be another repress of the Cosecha Signal. They were intended to be pressed for promotional reasons for their lastest album “Tomorrow’s Harvest”, and not for recreational listening. So be careful, ask for pictures every time you purchase a record thats more than $100, there are people trying to play collectors for suckers, BEWARE AND COLLECT SAFELY!
Dishadel Dishadel
Looks like the French individual is back in the marketplace with this "reissue white label".
Morlurne Morlurne
Where is the statement from Warp saying there are 6 copies in existence? Or is that just speculation? I find it hard to believe that 5 years later, there are still copies that haven't been found
Agalas Agalas
deep_honey There are six unique segments / audio snippets. Depending on the exact code written out on the particular copy (see the cover), it's a different part of the overall sequence. I thought the copies that had been found contained the same numbers / part of the sequence? Since the other parts of the sequence were found elsewhere (Annotations on a YouTube video, and so on)
Ballazan Ballazan
There are six unique segments / audio snippets. Depending on the exact code written out on the particular copy (see the cover), it's a different part of the overall sequence.
kolos kolos
Apparently, 21 Discogs users "Have" it. That's just slightly more than the 6 "known to be in existence". We may have some posers in our midst.
Gozragore Gozragore
LOL ok who was it who just stole this thing on eBay for $1373.80?
Ynonno Ynonno
One of these sold on Ebay for £995.00 4th Feb 2018. It had 6 extra bids waiting from the same bidder, I was going to take a punt then chickened out!
Anaginn Anaginn
I can’t believe I missed this. I was making him an offer for $2,500 on Discogs and found out from his FB page it had just sold on eBay. I’m sure the buyer will show up here soon. At least the money went to a good cause for the guy’s Scottish music museum.
Kale Kale
Seems someone from the very first known three owners is selling here. I am the owner of the forth known.
Coiril Coiril
So that means all 4 are discogs, with 1 having been sold.
Samowar Samowar
Funny that it's owned by 18 people considering only 6 was made ^^
ℳy★†ỦrÑ★ Wiℓℒ★₡oℳ€★TøØ ℳy★†ỦrÑ★ Wiℓℒ★₡oℳ€★TøØ
Yeah it seems a little sketchy to me too. hmmm
Lanadrta Lanadrta
$2500 for a forty second track. WTF is wrong with you.
RUsich155 RUsich155
haahhaa crazy that this record is sold for 2215 euro - damnnnn
SkroN SkroN
Oh my gosh, got my own copy in posession at last! The forth one known to exist
Anyshoun Anyshoun
I want more info on that, my man. Where'd you find it? How much was it?
Antuiserum Antuiserum
where did you find your copy? There have to be more out there somewhere
Forey Forey
Please post better pics of the record for Discogs! Closeups of the runout groove etc would be great!
FailCrew FailCrew
I wonder what pressing plant allowed them to press only 3 (or even the claimed 6) copies when the minimum on most plants are at least 100-150 units (unless they were pressed as "test pressings" or something?)
Laitchai Laitchai
It's possible these were cut as vinyl dubplates (different from lathes). Meaning that each copy would actually be slightly different, though the differences would be so minute as to not to be noticeable
Cargahibe Cargahibe
I think it is likely that they were lathed rather than pressed. Takes longer per record but if you're only making 6 and it's only 40 seconds in length it isn't much of a hassle. That way you can skip a plant and their mandatory minimums.
Gralmeena Gralmeena
its boards of canada. they do whatever the fuck they want.
Aradwyn Aradwyn
yeah, there are several places you can press your own single vinyl for ~20-30$, not to mention vinyl cutters that are available on ebay for those who have $$ and want it at home
Manris Manris
A pressing plant which gets the contract to press one of the most popular vinyl albums of 2013 of course!
Erennge Erennge
+ seeing the picture of the label, this is actual pressing for sure, not cutting.
Tenius Tenius
Or ask the plant to press only 3 and pay for 100.
Original Original
lol... you can cut even one vinyl with cutting lathe
Tygokasa Tygokasa
Never. This was a vinyl pressed as part of a cryptic marketing campaing for the Tommorow's Harvest album. Only 5 copies exist and I believe only 3 have been found.
Eseve Eseve
The is only a few of these in the entire world and if you are a huge Boards Of Canada fan and have the money to own it for 5K good on you. I have seen squiggles on paper selling for 5 times that and people don't batter an eye lid to that in the art world.If I had the money I'd buy it and frame it because the value isn't in the 40 secs of noise.
felt boot felt boot
Totally agree! Some people are envious or are simply clueless as to the nature of supply and demand. Some people would pay tens of thousands of dollars to have Bansky shit in their faces. If you've ever watched the Antiques Roadshow, I've seen things you'd need to PAY me to own even though it might be worth 450000$. Who are you to say what's overrated or not? If Picasso made an edition of three napkins with three lines and an ink spot, would you just give it away? BoC are one of the most well respected and sought after electronic acts of the last quarter century. An edition of three 40 second records, and all the marketing that went into it make this puny release almost as legendary as the early, as yet unseen/unheard BoC tapes.
Weiehan Weiehan
12 users own 3 known copies of this... mindblowing
Avarm Avarm
Disregarding the fact that some idiots are paying 5000 euros for it, it is a quite interesting piece of plastic. I think they've sampled a number station, a shortwave radio station characterized by their unusual broadcasts which consist of spoken words, but mostly numbers.They emerged short after world war 2 and its widely assumed they were used to broadcast covert messages to spies.
Uaha Uaha
Unsure as to whether they will have sampled a number station, I've heard of people getting into trouble for the use of samples from the conet project. Although I wouldn't put it past BOC considering their use of the National Film Board of Canada materials.
interactive man interactive man
is this a introdution for an upcoming album? if so then i´m very glad to have them back on the Music production, these two artists know how to make amazing musics.
watchman watchman
Thanks, where can i purchase or listen to their upcoming Album?
Legionstatic Legionstatic
Been out of the loop or something? They already have a pre-order up for their new album....
Jode Jode
perfect marketing.includes this the bidder on ebay (regarding that 4 days left, 73 bids and actually: almost 5000 $.) ? how can be someone so crazy? actually i can not believe this.
Kigabar Kigabar
I bet this will have to be re-listed due to a non-paying winner (and then sell for less). Probably lots of fake bids bumping up the price. He's been receiving a lot of bids from people with a 0 ranking, I reckon.
Still In Mind Still In Mind
Worth 5k... not to me that's for sure. I mean I get the novelty of owning an item such as this, but its not like this is a whole album or Geogaddi outtakes.
Soustil Soustil
m8 ill trade you a dragon dagger and 500k for this record just meet me at the grand exchange
Zyangup Zyangup
"one corner is just a lilllll bent, everything else is near mint" really?
CopamHuk CopamHuk
I pity the fool who tries to sell this for the ludicrous amount of $5000, and even more anyone crazy enough to buy it at that price.
greatest greatest
@rharris07You're right too, I mean it is a very very important piece of BoC history.
Why is it wrong for them to sell something so rare and collectible for whatever price they want to set it at? If you don't like it, don't buy it. They found it fair and square - they have the right to sell it at any price they want. If it was meant for everyone to have, BoC would have pressed five thousand plus copies. If you're upset because this person has exclusive music and you don't...just go pre-order the album at Bleep and move on. To condemn someone for selling something out of jealousy seems a bit ridiculous. Is he suppose to sell it for $15 so that the next person can turn around and sell it for $5,000??
Dark_Sun Dark_Sun
I agree, the only time where this would be acceptable is where someone lost their job and needed to pay rent/mortgage, bills and feed their family.
Era Era
Mave Mave
---- -- ------- --------.
Painshade Painshade
there are 6 total, each with the same code, the other codes are being found in other places
Questanthr Questanthr
There is no concrete proof that 6 of these records are in existence. Only 2 have been found so far, there may not have been any more than this for all we know.
Brannylv Brannylv
If I had this I would never sell it.
Brightcaster Brightcaster
I cannot imagine the prices this will go for if any of the owners decide to sell their copy.
Wal Wal
I get the whole 1 of 6 rarity, but $5,000 for a promotional 20 second music clip is insane. Although I don't doubt this going for less than $1,000 on ebay.
Maximilianishe Maximilianishe
Yeah, no doubt. But really, loads of money for 20 seconds of music? Crazy.
Ieregr Ieregr
...something along with lines of a 1 with a bunch of zeros after it.
Bulace Bulace
whats this
Phobism Phobism
Eigeni Eigeni
This is one of six hints regarding BoC's new LP or song.