Liem / Lucky Charmz - Lehultsub1 mp3 flac download
Liem / Lucky Charmz  - Lehultsub1

Liem / Lucky Charmz - Lehultsub1 flac mp3 download

  • Performer: Liem
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Album: Lehultsub1
  • Released: 2015
  • Style: House
  • MP3 version ZIP size: 1317 mb
  • FLAC version RAR size: 1942 mb
  • WMA version RAR size: 1126 mb
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 179

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A Liem If Only
B Lucky Charmz Buy Urself A Friend

Companies, etc.

  • Mastered At – Flight 13 Duplication – FLV 208.866
  • Pressed By – MPO


Plated at Flight 13 Duplication.

Formerly released as "Limited Edition" of 200 hand-stamped white labels, and then got repressed.

1st repress: in 2015, just after the initial release because of "a plant error meant that the initial batch of 200 pressings contained a 'great number' of copies which sustained surface noise". Exact numbers of affected copies from the first batch are unknown. Exact numbers of copies repressed are unknown.

2nd repress: in April 2016 (blue stamped), Liem and Lucky Charmz decided to repress it again. Exact numbers of copies repressed are unknown.

Comes with white inner sleeve only.

"If Only" samples Fusion Groove Orchestra - If Only I Could
"Buy Urself A Friend" samples Sylvester - Sylvester and The Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway / Magic Bird Of Fire

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched): FLV 208.866 A R MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched): FLV 208.866 B nr MPO



Bloodfire Bloodfire
Repress represss repressss represssss repreesssss repreeesssss repreeeesssss repreeeeessssss, please repreeeeeeessssssssssss!!!! :D :D It's simply needed to be repressed!!
Corgustari Corgustari
I’ve been downloading some Glenn Underground, House of Jazz, Daniel Wang, Blaze etc and loads of mid-90s stuff and came across this.... totally thought it was 90s! 1990s house is never gonna die!
Yojin Yojin
Just wow. "If Only" is a true masterpiece. Keep coming back to it falling in love all over again.
MarF MarF
Great house recorD... Sounds like a prayer...If Only... best thing...
Xellerlu Xellerlu
"If Only" is simply a masterpiece of House music. Back then when the record came out, I bought it only because of this track. I never thought that there will be such a hype because of this vinyl. Anyway I still love it and will never sell it. This record will be kept in my collection forever! ThoughI I still cant understand how LHLTSUB2 could be such a mediocre release to be fair. I dont like it at all.
Arar Arar
"If Only" samples : Sydney Youngblood ‎– If Only I Could
riki riki
see also: Groove Orchestra - If only I could (Acapella)
Falya Falya
love love love joy&if only i could love of the pain........
Rich Vulture Rich Vulture
what a lovely tune this, puts you in the mood again.
BlackBerry BlackBerry
Fun fact: I've been to a commercial club a few days ago and the DJ played a shitload of Electro/Tropical House remixes of well-known House classics. Remixes? No! All of the tracks had different artist names on it and not the original artists. "Ain't nobody", "Show me love" etc. I can't even remember the others. Hopefully the original artists will get paid for these cover versions at least. And like artificialsweetner said, people actually believe that Felix Jaehn wrote "Ain't nobody" etc. They don't even care about the originals or find them "boring". Well, the tracks from that night never got (afaik) a vinyl release, so no greedy vinyl sellers there - unlike the one above.
Faebei Faebei
I gotta revisit this thread because these comments and this record are hella problematic. I see this time and again with thievery and appropriation in dance music, people who speak up are silenced for being "butthurt" or a "hater". Naw, it's called understanding intersectionality and incorporating it into a nuanced way of understanding the world. Nothing is "just music", compartmentalizing music and politics is how Eminem became your favorite rapper and people think Daft Punk invented house. They overlap, they intersect that's a fact not an opinion. Underground Resistance, Public Enemy, was that just music? Hell no. How about I steal your work, put my name on it and when you try to call me out I say hey relax, it works on the dance floor so who cares? Enough of who cares. Start caring
Priotian Priotian
Problematic, critical race theory, intersectionality. How's that Ba in feminism working out for you? Ever land a job? Or are you just waiting for the proletariat to overthrow the bourgeoisie?
Enalonasa Enalonasa
why is it not appropriation? he stole the creative work of someone else, edited it and published it on his own label? For me it's hypocrite at its best. And yeah... a white dude stole the black mans' music... never happened before... and since when is the colour of the skin relevant for legimitating sampling?? Poor comment and cheap reflection.
godlike godlike
Reworking a NIN dub with a dance beat behind it isn't appropriation. Liem is a white European dude who stole a black American artists' vocal track WITHOUT ANY manipulation, hardly any edits, nothing original on top of it, to profit off of the European overground festival circuit. Poor production and cheap artistry.
Thorgaginn Thorgaginn
lol, you aren't joking! Maybe he hasn't start caring yet.
Yanki Yanki
funny seeing how you released a track on your label that's basically a NIN dub edit titled as an original track.
Bukus Bukus
I like your comments and I do care. I also like it when people hit on something that works and put it out there for others to play and enjoy. Being an old raver, most the tunes I loved were built on samples - no one was making any money from it - just party fuel. I'm pretty sure I'm right in thinking Public Enemy let people sample their tunes - if my memory serves me well - which it often doesn't. Keep speaking your mind mate - interesting stuff. I don't think there's anything sinister happening here. Just another bootlegged vocal and some smiling faces on the floor.
Ballagar Ballagar
You want feelgood house? Cop Joe Smooth 'Promised land' or Round one 'I'm your brother'. Those have stood the test of time. These edits will be forgotten in a few years hopefully. When the buzz dies down and this record ends up in dollar bins where it belongs we're gonna look back and realize the only people that bought this hype were white dudes in skinny jeans that use too much products in their hair
superstar superstar
Regardless of the different points of view in this discussion, I just listened to Joe Smooth's The Promised Land and I have to say it brought me to tears. That was deeply moving, thank you for sharing.
Wenaiand Wenaiand
I guess Moodyman and Kerri Chandler are white dudes in skinny jeans then.
Orevise Orevise
I grabbed "I'm your brother" because of this comment, it's one of my favorite records these days. Got any others I should look at?
Bine Bine
Idk man Kerri Chandler played this track in Chicago and it was great
Kazracage Kazracage
2050 still wanting this. This record will never die, fool!
Hudora Hudora
Gotta admit artificialsweetner is kind of right although I do agree that there is no need to be be negative as well.Anyway, as soon as I found out this was an edit I went and bought the fusion groove orchestra version for a couple of euro and it is definately one of my favorites! :)
Elastic Skunk Elastic Skunk
you have to forget to mention that youre using a stick headphone because its so cool and USA style ... ;-)
spacebreeze spacebreeze
I agree with you lord benjamin. But there's some differences between those records and this one... those records were original work and this is just some drum tracks and pads thrown under someone elses work with their names slapped on it. Those records were fairly priced and readily available, this is priced high and scarce. Those records were poignant and addressed relevant social issues, this is faceless people taking something powerful and making it weak by commodifying it, appealing to the lowest common denominator. This won't be getting played in 20 years, the records I mentioned still are and will continue to be
Urllet Urllet
I don't put anyone in any box. All your statement tells me is you own one good record, and that I was right
Early Waffle Early Waffle
I'm white and wear skinny jeans and always have a head full of Murray's, and this record AND Joe Smooth's "Promise Land" doesn't leave my bag-- what box do you put me in?
Authis Authis
It's cheezy to me. Respect but we disagree here. The whole story about the pressing plant error is probably a lie to manufacture false scarcity and hype and inflate prices too. I'm jaded in 2015 and really sick of euro edits. Enough already
Also I dig your taste in music so I'll definitely be checking out those two you mentioned. You had told me about that doc link edit of chaka khan (which i also played on saturday and it was fantastic)!
Celace Celace
Why would one hope for these edits, or any record for that matter, to be forgotten? It's fine for you to not care about them if they don't tickle your pickle, but obviously a lot of people really dig one or both of these tracks. What difference does it make to you if people want to pay crazy amounts of money for them? If you're not a fan of that type of thing, just forget about it and move on to something else. No one is forcing anyone to buy or not buy anything. Don't mean to be abrasive, just a thought, and I'm curious as to why there's such a negativity surrounding this record. I'm neither white nor do I wear skinny jeans, nor do I use too much hair product, but I did play the Liem track at a party on Saturday and I can attest that it really went off in the best way possible. cheers!
Biaemi Biaemi
If Only is FIRE.
Centrizius Centrizius
This record does not sample Sydney Youngblood, it samples Fusion Groove Orchestra's cover of the Sydney Youngblood tune... the vocals and chords on the Liem version can both be easily heard on the FGO track of the same name: 'If Only (Could)' voice is unmistakably Steve Lucas and not Sydney Youngblood
Jay Jay
thats exactly what I thought :)
Nilarius Nilarius
Easy to mix it. But a lot of fun with this!
Brakora Brakora
Hype. Boring record. Tons of stuff that sounds like this available for £0.50 on Discogs.
mIni-Like mIni-Like
show me please! those drums are way to good !
Ber Ber
Don't hate
Genuinely interested. Please share with us some suggestions
PC-rider PC-rider
Thought the exact same thing. It's a nice track but not worth this price. Could get a decent Kerri record for half the price.
Irostamore Irostamore
you got me intrigued... share some of these 50cent record please
Quphagie Quphagie
Pretty decent release for £8 if you ask me...
Brightcaster Brightcaster
Can't agree with you... trust me when you play it at a club or something, the vibe is just amazing!
Naa Naa
got to agree, the beat is just round and round, no variants, and nicking sydeny youngblood for the sample is a bit cheap .... blah.
Kakashkaliandiia Kakashkaliandiia
tons of other stuff OK!but come on... do not play the haterthis ep is really solid!
Iraraeal Iraraeal
this true, but you're making me regret my purchase
DarK-LiGht DarK-LiGht
hoo please share some with us
Jake Jake
nice bootleg
Cha Cha
First time i heard "Buy urself a friend" i thought the track was a cool track, nothing special, just a nice sample from "Sylvester - Over & Over". Then i heard it in a club and i was wow, this is much better than i thought it was a turn on! Sounded really really good and people were raving to it.About the first track (which samples Fusion Groove Orchestra "If Only I Could"), it was a love at first sight, a what i call a "fuck yeah" track, it sounds perfect! Probably one of the bests releases of 2015. Ps - Liem told me that a repress is incoming! this record is too good to be limited to 200 records... if you are wiling to wait don't pay these high prices.
misery misery
I would trade this record new and unplayed! Just have a look at my Wantlist and PM me for offers! Cheers
TheJonnyTest TheJonnyTest
I am looking forward to any offers of classics of course :)
invasion invasion
The B side is sooo good, sampled from Sylvester - Over and Over
Fomand Fomand
solid release. two edits with the dancers in mind.
Balladolbine Balladolbine
Liem told me on Facebook that due to the unexpected high demand they decided to do a repress. As you can imagine it'll take a while until this will hit the shops.
Dangerous Dangerous
Unfortunately missed out on this due to a store advising 'in stock' when they didn't actually have any... Please contact me if you're willing to let a copy go for a reasonable price.
I'm a Russian Occupant I'm a Russian Occupant
Sampled from:
Winotterin Winotterin
One can't help but feel a little disappointed to learn "If Only" is merely an old UK house cut with 909 drums added underneath...
Bolanim Bolanim
both tracks on this release are just edits.
Snowskin Snowskin
I love Richard Earnshaw and the original is amazing, but this version is incredible too.
Monin Monin
sometimes u just gotta put some drums over an old cut u no
Andromakus Andromakus
This is heaven!
Bludworm Bludworm
Need this!
Helo Helo
Very nice!
Malodora Malodora
great vibes!