Various - Mind Over Matter mp3 flac download
Various - Mind Over Matter

Various - Mind Over Matter flac mp3 download

  • Performer: Various
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Album: Mind Over Matter
  • Released: 2016
  • Style: Ambient, Techno, House, Deep Techno
  • MP3 version ZIP size: 1519 mb
  • FLAC version RAR size: 1517 mb
  • WMA version RAR size: 1809 mb
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 661

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A1 map.ache Happy Birthday 4:31
A2 D-IX Hugo 5:27
B1 Edward Check Check 6:10
B2 Matthias Reiling The Look On Their Face 4:38
C1 Herr Koreander Derive 6:18
C2 Jacques Bon See & Feel 7:13
D1 Ateq Ana 6:03
D2 Pom Pom Untitled 2:17
D3 Loewe 0318_173749 5:18
E1 Vril Otolith 5:48
E2 DJ Metatron State Of Me 7:46
E3 Birds & Tapes Mallorca 1:42
F1 Fritzi Der Wurstfachverkäuferin 0:15
F2 Kettenkarussell Trust 6:56
F3 Leafar Legov Your Vibe 8:36

Companies, etc.

  • Mastered At – Calyx Mastering
  • Lacquer Cut At – Calyx Mastering
  • Pressed By – Pallas – 42104
  • Pressed By – Pallas – 42173
  • Pressed By – Pallas – 42174


  • Lacquer Cut By – FMW
  • Mastered By – Loop-o


Individual​ cover work

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side A, etched/stamped): glg20 A 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 ○ -42104-
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side B, etched/stamped): glg20 B 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 ● -42104-
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side C, etched/stamped): glg20 C 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 □ -42173-
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side D, etched/stamped): glg20 D₂ 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 ■ -42173-
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side E, etched/stamped): glg20 E 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 △ -42174-
  • Matrix / Runout (Runout side F, etched/stamped): glg20 F 33⅓RPM FMW FOR LOOPO CALYX 2016 ▲ -42174-



felt boot felt boot
Brilliant compilation with some real gems. A very good showcase of the 'Giegling sound'. Your Vibe, Trust, State Of Me, and Happy Birthday have all been on heavy rotation since I picked this up during last year's tour.It seems quality control was lacking on this one though. E Side of my copy is a wreck. Looks like someone took to it with a cheese grater. I don't know much about the pressing process, but clearly something went badly wrong here. E1 is completely unplayable.
Braned Braned
As quite a lot of Giegling's releases, this one's great. lots of grems like Leafar Legov's 'Your Vibe', Map.Ache's 'Happy Birthday', Herr Koreander's 'Derive' and Vril's 'Otolith' stand out as the soundtracks of this compilation to me. This compilation captures the label's vibe perfectly. A must-own for fans.
Tane Tane
Great record but... vinyls 1 and 2 were massively warped. They sent me some new ones and same issue. Anyone else had the same problem?
Kadar Kadar
Actually just to update and say that they sent me a third version (probably repress) and they were fine - great customer service !
Arashigore Arashigore
Same issue with me. Using the AT-618 stabilizer helps - at least for b and d side, which I prefer.Nevertheless, music is fantastic. Check the giegling store
Teonyo Teonyo
no, not at all and some more words,, please enter ....
PanshyR PanshyR
Bought this record accidentally twice. Would swap this record (mint) for other Giegling Releases. PN me with your offer!
Castiel Castiel
Outstanding compilation, the Leafar Legov track is
Goodman Goodman
Jacques Bon's track is a masterpiece. Previously heard on Herr Koreander's giegling Mix 06, was waiting for it on wax :)D3 (Loewe) isn't enjoyable to me, i'm not saying it's bad, just some noisy experimental bullshit. Some of you would say art doesn't need to be enjoyable, and can also be irritating or disturbing. It's true, however there's enough irritating stuff out there, in the world we live in and i expect from the music i listen to, to be a least a bit pleasant.The compilation still deserves 5 stars, i thought 2016 wasn't as good as the previous years for giegling, until this came out as well as P.o.d's 8.I'm a bit concerned about Traumprinz to be honest with you, i wouldn't write this on a review on one on his page because i know the fan's could be offended as the hype is peaking, things are getting really emotional as some people spent good $ for one of his release.Traumprinz 06 is a disaster, so cheesy, and already more expensive that this 3lp complation on this website, sounds like a joke. Come on, it's not like the guy is struggling to release stuff. 3 aliases doesn't mean 3X more production, chill out dude, inspiration will come back, let p.o.d do the job.Anyway, i also wanted to point out that i got decent comments deleted lately on this forum (on giegling releases...). I believe silly users "report" them and then discogs erase them without even reading them. So i copy and save this message, if it get erased, i will write it back again and again...Great compilation, get it while you can!
Hawk Flying Hawk Flying
I really like Traumprinz 06 but its because I grew up clubbing in Philadelphia/New Jersey/NYC. He nailed it as a throwback and captured the sound of 20 years ago, in that specific region I mentioned, perfectly.
Sataxe Sataxe
in case you're wondering, the instrument starting at ~30 seconds on "see and feel" is the santoor
Daigami Daigami
Have to agree on all the positive comments about this compilation. An absolute Giegling treasure! Unfortunately, I have the same issue with the skipping D2. Seems to be the pressing... I tried it on two different players with three different cartridges and only one (Shure M447) is resistent to the skipping. Oh well, at least it's not the best of all tracks on those 3 records! ;)
Qutalan Qutalan
Same problem with the Pom Pom track here (shitty song anyway) and with a soundless closed loop at the end of every side. Otherwise flawless compilation!
Moogura Moogura
Mine doesn't skip, but to be honest the pressing is not as good as I hoped it would be.
interactive man interactive man
I just got my copy from clone and got the same problem with that pom pom track as mentioned before.
Malanim Malanim
Nice comp! "Edward - Check Check" use samples from "Adam F - Circles"
Mash Mash
The Jacques Bon track 'See & Feel' (C2) samples / is basically a re-edit of 'Imperial' by Seefeel.
Lanadrta Lanadrta
Epic album !! I'm stoked with the quality of this release ! Each track has its own vibe and spirit. I was even surprised to find Loewe & Vril's tracks powerful, deep and heavy with atmospheric/ambient sounds. Top notch release.
Roru Roru
Your vibe i'ts probably one of the best emotional-house records i ever listened too, BTV all the release it's awesome, giegling probing why is the best undeground dance music label out there.
Gugrel Gugrel
Extrordinary release, though I'm experiencing the same issues as a friend of mine, the Pom Pom track (D2) hangs itself up in a loop mid song, anyone else experiencing this issue? other then that, stand out track for me is potentially the A2, though I could have gone without the F1 (super mario skit?) take away from the sincerity of the, other then that, phenomenal F side
Kazimi Kazimi
Getting the same issues with the Pom Pom track - which to say the least is a little bit gutting. I agree about the F Side - some phenomenal house music indeed.EDIT: Using an Ortofon Electro stylus - the track played through fine.
Querlaca Querlaca
Same problem here. If you check the grooves at the one point where it loops it looks like the grooves are crossing each other.
Unsoo Unsoo
Under specific circumstances is the track playable. The problem is caused by really low bass sound in the track. I experienced the same problem (technics sl1210, ortofon concorde pro), but with anti-skating set to zero and tonearm lifted to max it's playing without problem.
Ffyan Ffyan
I saw others comments (I can't find them anymore, don't know why...) about the Pom Pom track saying the same thing. I have a extra low mass tonearm and he is shaking like hell when the bass kick's in, it just skip a little one time but no loop for me
Akinozuru Akinozuru
Still a few copies left at hardwax. Don't pay too much!
Ferne Ferne
Such a good compilation of extraordinary tracks. "Your Vibe" what a tune!
Tejora Tejora
Can't agree more with previous comments, absolute standout compilation. Though I've come across an issue on the Pom Pom track (D2), sadly the record decides to hang itself up in the middle of the track, now I was assuming I have a faulty issue, but my mate has the same issue at on the same track, was this done intentionally/Is anyone else experiencing this issue..?
Hinewen Hinewen
B1C2allEand F3are my favs here.This is a great comp !
Dominator Dominator
E and F, specially F3: worth every dime regardless of how many. Such dramatic techno!
Tygrafym Tygrafym
This is my best music purchase of 2016 by a wide margin. It is 3 discs of pure Giegling bliss. Get it now, before it's too late.
Haralem Haralem
I know Giegling is hyped, but this label has been releasing so much high level music that it deserves to have a spot among the early Perlons and SVEKs of this world. This compilation has so many good tracks; I have problems picking one when playing out. That Edward track might be my favourite though. It has been a long time since I heard a deep house track I liked so much as this one.
Winotterin Winotterin
Giegling is hyped for good reason imo. Sure they have some releases that aren't my cup of tea, but releases such as this one warrant all the hype. This is a fantastic comp.
catterpillar catterpillar
that Edward track is O H M Y G O D . Such great vocal samples and that bassline is fabulous, i'm the same as you, I haven't heard a deep house track that impressed me so much in so long
Glei Glei
This is just such a nice collection of all the stuff the guys produce! Love it!
Mettiarrb Mettiarrb
I need this record in my life! It's sold out at the Giegling site already... Hopefully I can get it on here sometime soon.
Chuynopana Chuynopana
also phonica . . . . . . .. .
Anardred Anardred
pre-order available at ya ya ya ja lya ösw
Tygrarad Tygrarad
It is still aviable if you have an existing/reserve order. Otherwise try to write them an email.
MarF MarF
What a wild salad! Really hard to pinpoint the direction of this album; a true compilation of various styles I would say.From melacholic (A1, E2) to disco-house (B2 - good to see Giegling affiliated people going disco-house) to good old styled mysterious, foggy, black & white Giegling shizzle (C1, D1, E3). Maybe I'm confused, maybe I simply can not appreciate experimental and noise related tracks, but D3 is just pure noise in my ears. I have a similar view on Pom Pom's stuff - probably one of the most dark corners of the Giegling universe to be explored. Personally, I am most excited for C1 (great bridge-track to build up) and F3. Especially F3 has hype potential on our dancefloors so mark my words.All in all I would say this compilation marks a very important milestone in the history of Giegling, and although some tracks bring a huge question mark on my face, I say this is what Giegling is all about... ;)
Arar Arar
Honestly, I think D3 is one of the most exciting tracks to listen to on the record, it's so uneasy and mental. Not dancing affair but definitely stimulating, I think it's really well arranged actually for what is pretty much a quarter note noise burst with dissonant pianos every now and again.
Nanecele Nanecele
yes, correct, my mistake. i have been lazy in listening his previous records ooops. thanks for pointing that out =)
Vrion Vrion
Hold up now. Not to be that guy, but Matthias Reiling has already gone disco-house, as well as hip-hop and funk (albeit minimally so), in previous Geigling offerings.
Bynelad Bynelad
Spot on selection, though some tracks kind of break with the 'traditional' Giegling vibe (the disco-y Matthias Reiling - The Look On Their Face). While everyone's favorite is probably the Metatron track, I would rather go for D-IX - Hugo or Leafar Legov - Your Vibe.EDIT: I case the message didn't came across, this is an absolute stunning collection of tracks.
Nuliax Nuliax
D-IX' Hugo is fucking amazing, soft and fuzzy, euphoric and dark. Herr Koreander returns bold with his loose piano samples in space, full of contrasts. Good vibes.
Keth Keth
That E/F-Side is just pure elegance. Definitely the best part of the collection!
Cogelv Cogelv
Exactly my thoughts! Although almost every side is pretty excellent (except of D imho).
Edward on the Adam F - Circles sample. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check!
Inth Inth
Pressin' On and Circles are both there. They're both rather prominent...
Moogugore Moogugore
I spot a sample of Hidden Agenda's "Pressin' On" rather than Adam F or do I miss something?